Google Fiber Business Finally A Reality

It took years, but Google is finally offering a fiber package for $100 for businesses in Kansas City. One can only hope Austin gets that sooner rather than painfully late.  With all of the emphasis on business booming in Austin because of the Google Fiber buildout, that means up to now you would have to be running your business out of your home, and annoying every neighbor you have.  Its a false and misleading point made by local “leaders” time and time again until there is an actual business product.  Until then Time Warner will continue to charge $600 a month with a 3 year contract on their 300/20 service.  Static IPs are available with 1 for $20, or 5 for $30 a month as well.  Yep, this blows everyone else away including Grande and AT&T.

Google Fiber for Small Business is now available for Early Access in select areas of Kansas City. Though not every business is eligible right now, we’ll keep you updated as we grow.

Time Warner Speed Upgrades In June

Time Warner is rolling out speed upgrades. My 30/5 is going to 200/20 in early June. I have seen both Time Warner and AT&T trucks on my street the past couple of weeks. In related news yesterday I had a tech out to increase my channels from Basic/HBO to Standard/HBO and now my modem can’t be seen and I get 5 very snowy channels. They can’t get anyone out to fix it until Saturday.

Grande Offers 1Gbps Internet First

Grande is now offering 1 gigabit in West Austin for $64.99 a month for the first year!  It goes up $5 in the 2nd year, and an additional $5 after that in year 3.  The map is here!  Old West Austin, Tarrytown, Winsor, Rosedale are covered.  Its just a few blocks from our 40th and Guadalupe location.  This is fiber to the home, or FTTH.  There are no data caps on the new service.  You can check out the faq here.

AT&T Announces Gigabit Fiber Network Available In Mid 2014

AT&T has a press release promising to sort of roll out gigabit service in December that will reach 10s of thousands.  So up to 300Mbps speeds will come first according to the release.  They are stepping it up further than I had expected.   A sign up page about wanting the service is here.  After a dead slow September things are finally starting to heat up in gigabit.

AT&T U-verse with GigaPowerSM will offer Austin residents:

  • Fastest Internet speeds available to consumers in Austin beginning in December 2013, with plans to reach speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second by mid-2014.  With Gigabit speeds, you’ll be able to download an HD movie in less than two minutes.**
  • The December launch will initially feature symmetrical speeds of up to 300 Mbps, which will be the fastest upstream and downstream Internet speeds available to consumers from any Austin broadband provider.
  • Customers who sign-up for 300 Mbps service will upgrade to speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second when available in mid-2014, and at no extra cost.
  • Access to cutting-edge TV services that include our most advanced Total Home DVR with more HD TV streams to record and watch multiple shows simultaneously, plus greater DVR storage capacity.
  • Faster Wi-Fi speeds and the ability to schedule DVR recordings and watch hit TV shows on more than 30 Smartphones and tablets, as well as your PC.
  • U-verse with GigaPowerSM customers that are also AT&T wireless customers will enjoy 50 GB of free cloud storage.

Comcast Dropping Rates As Google Fiber Deployment Nears In Provo reports that Comcast is dropping rates on some of their packages in preparation for the rollout of Google Fiber in Provo later this year.  One would imagine we will start seeing this here in Austin sometime next year.

“We are constantly trying out new packages and rates to see what works in certain areas,” Child said. “If the rate changes in Provo are successful we’ll look into expanding them into other areas in Utah.”

Free Google Fiber Criteria Set

KXAN reports that some criteria has been set for Google Fiber of the free variety.  You can apply here on Monday if you are a public organization or non profit.

Here are some key points:
– Selected sites should be spread out geographically.
– They should serve diverse populations.
– The sites should range from government to education to social services to health care type facilities.

Provo To Beat Austin To Google Fiber Rollout

Venturebeat reports that Google Fiber will roll out in Provo before here in Austin.  Of course they are getting service on existing lines, while here new fiber is being run.

Now Google has confirmed that Provo will be the second city after Kansas City to get Google Fiber, with installations likely starting before the end of the year. Provo’s circumstances are a bit different than KC and Austin, however, because Google purchased an existing fiber network in Provo that just needs upgrading. That means deploying it will be easier in Provo than the other two cities.


Google Boots AT&T From Starbucks

Tapscape reports that Google is booting AT&T from Starbucks.  If you are in a fiber city your connection will be even faster they report.

Starting August 1, the slow part will be going away, especially for those in a Google Fiber city. Google and Starbucks have announced that Google will be providing free wifi at the more than 7,000 Starbucks retails outlets across the US.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is partnering with Level 3 for this service.

AT&T said it had offered to upgrade its own service to the same speed. Instead, the carrier will supply Starbucks stores with other business services while customers reach the Web through Google and Level 3, an Internet middleman that doesn’t typically sell service on the last mile.